I first came to Mae Sot, Thailand in January, 2011 as part of the World Race. My heart became broken for the numerous refugees from Burma, a country devastated by genocide and war. Villagers are fleeing to safety in Northern Thailand, leaving everything behind. I was in tears as I met children living and begging on the streets. These children are at a high risk for human trafficking or many times are forced to serve as child soldiers. It was heart wrenching to hear these children tell stories of fleeing from their villages, losing family members, abandoned and forced to live on the streets. I have a passion to bring the hope and love of Jesus into these children’s lives as well as empower them with valuable life skills. As they are educated and provided with new skills, they can share their knowledge and use these skills to serve their people back in Burma. One opportunity for these youth is learn and work at Famous Ray’s, a burger restaurant that operates with a Kingdom minded environment.
I also plan to partner with local village pastors to empower and help them achieve their visions and dreams as they share the gospel in their villages. One very passionate pastor, Veeraphong, who I met in 2011, has a vision to reach 20,000 youth in Northern Thailand.
I am blessed to partner with Kingdom, INC and Outpour Movement to bring the love of Jesus and gospel of grace to villages, border towns, and refugee camps.


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